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Welcome to the Phase Two Web Site
I am currently a resident of Northbrook here in the sleepy town of Centreville Maryland. The town has a population of roughly 2,600 people. This page is intended to inform people of our experience here in Centreville. This page also serves as a sounding board to share their experience with Richmond American Homes.
North Brook Entrance!!!!
So what's the Scoop!!!

10/19/04, Satellite Dish Resources: To find out what rights property owner's have in a homeowner's association, I would go to the following web sites and read through the information.

10/18/04   The Developer decided to violate the Covenant they issued to Residents and tried to outlaw wood fences. Many home owners have already had fences installed at over 5k each. A few residents called the Developer to voice their objections, as they received word that they might need to tear down their fences and replace them with vinyl ones. The Developer said that Richmond American Homes had agreed to this change, however a few persistent residents pinned down Richmond American Homes on this issue only to find out Richmond American Homes had nothing to do with this. The issue was solved as the management company sent a letter to the residents stating "The developer has re-considered one (1) type of wood fencing option. Along with the vinyl fence guidlines you received last week, you may also have a wood scalloped fence." His mighty has spoken. .

09/28/04   More news t come!!
No Listing in Mapquest?!?!?!
If you are trying to find your way to Northbrook in Centreville, you'll get no help from Mapquest or Expedia. The easiest way for you to find Northbrook is to follow these directions.

From the Western Shore:
Take 50 East until you reach the 50/301 split. You then want to take 301 North towards Wilmington. When you reach 213, go North (2nd exit) and head through town. Once you pass the Blue Police Station on the right, you are only .5 miles away. Make a right onto Wexford Dr. You are there.

If you are considering moving into Northbrook @Centreville feel free to contact me at the link below.

Centreville Town Seal
For information on the home builder, go to the Richmond American Homes website.
Richmond American Homes